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PIAF is French for the charming sparrow who sings with passion for the friends he's met around the world.

Sister restaurant in Grapevine to Main Streets’ Chez Fabien, we have created Piaf out of our love for the Grapevine community and a passion for unrivaled fare from around the world. We invite you into our kitchen for a drink, a delicious entree, a story, and good company.

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Piaf in Grapevine Features Dishes with Mediterranean Flair

Serial restaurateur Fabien Goury opened Piaf in Grapevine last year as a tribute to the Mediterranean cuisine from the childhood of his wife, Yasmine Goury.
“She was born in Beirut; she … lived with that diet, … so she always wanted to do some kind of thing like this,” Fabien said. “We figured that a lot of people wanted that kind of food and that kind of ambiance.”
PIAF Brings Locals Together In Style.
After two decades of successfully running Main Street Bistro & Bakery in downtown Grapevine, owners Fabien Goury and Yasmine Bohsali decided to reinvest in the dining district. And thanks to Yasmine’s Middle East upbringing, it didn’t take them long to build a new concept and fresh menu.
PIAF, a modern take on the Mediterranean bistro, offers seasonal menus that showcase the region’s zest. With influences from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, North Africa and Turkey, the restaurant provides big flavors in a swanky environment.

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